The power of laughter ?

Funny thing, the other evening, I’m randomly watching T V and on comes an repeat of Billy Connolly “(…An audience with…..)” at the height of his powers, I guess sometime in the late 80’s. You know the one about the ‘big slipper’ and the in continence pants? I’ve seen it SOO many times, even seen him do it live. Pure magic! I laughed until I cried, until I coughed and spluttered bringing up sputum samples that the doctors have awaited these long months. And suddenly I’m clear and laughing achingly, gloriously, and genuinely. Why don’t we do that anymore? It’s such a liberating experience. We ‘ve forgotten, in the midst of our trails and woes that life IS bloody funny and must NEVER be taken too seriously. Some of us have sucked the sweetness, the flavour, the texture, the essence out of life, for what? To prolong health, fitness, age. Waste of effort! Find your reward in family, friends, experience! Sugar, salt, flavour, wine! Good-times! And helping people get good stuff done. Find that Billy Connolly clip on iPlayer or whatever. And if you haven’t laughed like that since the 80”s, YOU ARE A SAD B****** and you need to GET A LIFE……..!

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